miwai 2009

The 3rd Mahasarakham International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence
Mahasarakham University, December 10-11 2009
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About  MIWAI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) research has broad applications on real world problems. Examples include control, planning and scheduling, pattern recognition, knowledge mining, software applications and strategy games. The advances in AI research have been driven partially by our passionate enthusiasm and have been thriving recently. On the other hand, the ever evolving needs in business both in local and global scale have been demanding for better technologies for solving more and more complex problems. Such needs can be found in all industrial sectors and in any part of the world.

This workshop aims to be a meeting place where excellence in AI research meets the needs for solving dynamic and complex problems in the real world. The academic researchers, developers, and industrial practitioners will have extensive opportunities to present their original work, technological advances and practical problems. Participants can learn from each other and exchange their experiences in order to fine tune their activities in order to help each other better.

The focus of MIWAI'09 will be fairly broad, taking in all sub-topics of AI. The programme aims at high quality research publications in AI of both technical and applied natures.

This year's MIWAI will take place inbetween the Australasian AI Conference (AI'09) in Melbourne, Australia and the International Conference on Principles of Practice in Multi-Agent Systems  (PRIMA'09) in Nagoya, Japan.